Through her own story, she is showing students that their diverse experiences are essential in cultural spaces.
— Samantha Harrington | Forbes

About Kai

Kai is a historian (B.A History), and innovative educator (M.Ed) passionate about utilizing technology to provide inclusive opportunities and increased accessibility in cultural institutions for students & young adults.

Before creating Curated x Kai, she worked with several museums such as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as well as the National Museum of African American History & Culture, specializing in digital strategy and content creation. 


Kai was recently honored at the Washington Post during the 4th annual DC Fem Tech Awards celebrating power women in code, design and data. 

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In June 2018, Kai became a fellow of Facebook's 2018 Oculus Launch Pad. 

She now serves on the Board of Directors for the Museum Computer Network.

Sometimes museums can feel stuffy, nonrepresentational, and uninviting to the Black culture.
Kai Frazier is here to change that.
— Sequoia Blodgett, Black Enterprise