A Super Mario Brothers History

Nintendo Gaming

What purpose do games play in our lives?

Take a VR field trip into to Mario’s world!

Stroll throughout history to see every key Super Mario game that's ever been released... so far.

Running Time - 4:12



  1. Where did the character Super Mario first appear?

  2. Why do you think Super Mario is still popular after 30+ years?

  3. How did Nintendo  change the economy of the video game industry?


  1. What career training does it take to create video games?

Diversity Directory Highlight

Anwar Bey-Taylor

Entrepreneur & Video game Developer

Founder of Mind Traveler Design art & design studio

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Anwar Bey- Taylor is an entrepreneur, professor, writer, artist, designer and adventurer. He has ten years of entertainment industry experience. Bey is Founder and Director of Mind Traveler Design (MTD), a video game development studio located in San Francisco, Ca.

Bey uses his imagination to create unique, custom video game art, tech app designs and education designs.

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Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 4.20.25 AM.png
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Life is an iterative process. Everyday opportunity presents itself for us to provoke action and fly.
— Anwar Bey-Taylor
Courtesy of Anwar Bey- Taylor

Courtesy of Anwar Bey- Taylor

Courtesy of Anwar Bey- Taylor

Courtesy of Anwar Bey- Taylor


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