AIGA Emerge | Curated x Kai Interview

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Underrepresented groups not only make the culture–we ARE the culture.  Their creativity will shape history for future generations enabling others to find their passion. There are numerous lanes that are untouched, waiting for us to fill the void. That’s why we need more diverse voices.

But we also have to look at the creative mediums of the future. It is essential that creatives begin to dabble in creative design in technology. If not, there will be an entire field, devoid of our voices and expression.

—Kai Frazier, Curated x Kai

Through a pivotal partnership with AIGA's Diversity & Inclusion Task Force, EMERGE’s objectives are to reach new, more diverse audiences, existing members, and prospective members.

Recently AIGA’s Phim Her’s caught up with Kai Frazier of Curated x Kai to learn more about her company.

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