AIGA Emerge | Curated x Kai Interview

AIGA Emerge | Curated x Kai Interview

Underrepresented groups not only make the culture–we ARE the culture.  Their creativity will shape history for future generations enabling others to find their passion. There are numerous lanes that are untouched, waiting for us to fill the void. That’s why we need more diverse voices.

But we also have to look at the creative mediums of the future. It is essential that creatives begin to dabble in creative design in technology. If not, there will be an entire field, devoid of our voices and expression.


PODCAST | MUSEOPUNKS Episode 28 & 29: Virtually Yours

PODCAST | MUSEOPUNKS Episode 28 & 29: Virtually Yours

If there is a hot technology in museums right now, it is virtual reality–a technology sometimes credited as being the “ultimate empathy machine.” But can VR live up to the hype for museums? What happens when VR technologies are used to recreate or invoke traumatic experiences? What kinds of scaffolding do museums need to provide when preparing a visitor for these kinds of embodied experiences? And how can museums use VR promote representation and inclusion?

Kai Selected for Facebook's 2018 Oculus Launch Pad


Kai selected for Facebook's 2018 Oculus Launch Pad. 

Now in its third year, Launch Pad provides women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and people from other underrepresented backgrounds funding and resources to ensure diversity of thought in the VR ecosystem.

To date, Launch Pad has brought together over 200 aspiring VR content creators with an investment of more than $900K.

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Kai honored at the 4th Annual DCFemTech Awards Celebrating Power Women in Code, Design and Data

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The DCFemTech Awards recognize Power Women in Code, Design, and Data based in the Washington, DC region. Nominated by their community, these women are working in the trenches of tech to help their company or organization achieve success, sometimes entirely behind the scenes.

“In our 4th year of the DCFemTech Awards, the fervor tied to the program is no longer exceeding our expectations——it’s become clear that the program is a direct reflection of the DC region as the country’s epicenter for women in technology,” said Shana Glenzer, CMO of Crowdskout and cofounder of DCFemTech. 

The award ceremony took place at May 7th at The Washington Post.

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All the Fly Kids Episode 67: "A Look in My Viewfinder" with Kai Frazier of Curated x Kai


Kai Frazier is a historian (B.A History), and innovative educator (M.Ed) passionate about utilizing technology to provide inclusive opportunities and increased exposure in cultural settings for people of color. Before creating Curated x Kai, she worked with several museums such as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as well as the National Museum of African American History & Culture, specializing in digital strategy and content creation. We talk to her about the mission of the organization and how she uses 360 VR + AR experiences to provide people a new way to access the world's museums, monuments, and major events. #NecessaryListening

Listen to Episode 67: "A Look in My Viewfinder" with Kai Frazier of Curated x Kai

DC Inno - Curated x Kai is Teaching History Through Virtual Reality

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Finding ways to bring virtual reality into the classroom has been a struggle for some, but Curated x Kai has cracked the code. This VR company is using goggles to take students on virtual field trips to some of D.C.’s most historical landmarks.

“We’re different from most virtual reality companies because we’re putting inclusivity and representation in the forefront of what we do — it’s not an afterthought,” said Kai Frazier, founder and CEO.

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Forbes - Meet This Teacher-Turned-Founder Using Tech To Make History For Minority Students


When Kai Frazier was in high school, her history teacher changed her life. As a senior, Frazier found herself homeless and didn’t consider college to be an option. But that teacher showed her that she could do more. So Frazier went to college, got a history degree and became a teacher herself.

“I felt like it was only right to become a history teacher. I felt like I owed it to students,” Frazier said. “I wouldn't have been where I was if it wasn't for my history teacher.”

She taught history in low-income districts where her students regularly didn’t have the resources needed to be successful. Frazier realized that traditional teaching methods weren’t enough to serve her students who often struggled with adversity, poverty and a lack of hope.

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SXSW - Curated x Kai is Going to SXSW!

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all..png

On March 12th, Curated x Kai will travel to Austin, Texas to be one of twenty tech startups featured at SxSW 's (South by Southwest) Tech Startup Spotlight. 

"At the Tech Startup Spotlight, companies taking the tech world by storm get to pitch their business during a two-hour spotlight. Participants are encouraged to provide demos and showcase their innovations to attendees. Many life-changing connections happen between startups and the hundreds of attendees of the Tech Startup Spotlight. SXSW is a well-known catalyst for startups. In fact, approximately $4.63 billion has been invested in startups participating in events at SXSW between 2009-2017."

— SxSW

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