Prototype # 1

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

January 2018

2018 marks 50 years since the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

For MLK Day 2018, Curated x Kai created a virtual reality experience so students could view King's memorial in Washington, D.C. and hear experts of his  "I Have a Dream" speech.

Prototype testing - round one

Kai made a special trip to Manassas Park Middle School where she previously taught 7th & 8th grade History before she transitioned to working with History museums.

Here, Kai tested the first prototype in English with an English Language Learner, ELL, classroom.

The school is unique as 50% of the students are Hispanic and 1/3  have limited English. During the visit, Kai adapted her prototype for Spanish speaking students as Kai recorded excerpts of the "I Have a Dream" speech in English and Spanish with the help of her former students.

The adapted prototype features speech excepts in simple English and Spanish so students can easily comprehend King's powerful words.

Prototype Testing - Round 2

In late February, Kai will return to Manassas Park High School to speak to an extracurricular after school club of English language learners. The club is comprised of students who have tested out of their ELL classes and now mentor and empower students who are new to the country and working to learn English.

Kai will then test her latest adapted English to Spanish prototype with the group. 

The group, GANAS, which means "to win" in Spanish, was created by one of Kai's former students, a graduating senior of Manassas Park High School.


Next Steps

Curated x Kai is working to build interactive prompts into the timelapsed 360 video of the King Memorial. 

OnaVR Videography will re-film the Memorial as a tour (not a time lapse) where Kai will walk students through the significance of the Memorial while creating links between Common Core curriculumn so the experince may be used as a supplemental learning tool in classrooms. 


Behind-The-Scenes of Curated x Kai's first Prototype Testing