Curating Inclusive Virtual Classrooms & VR Field Trips for students, Globally.


What Do We Make?

 Curated x Kai empowers students & young adults with inclusive 360° virtual reality experiences.

By creating curriculum-based, immersive virtual classrooms complete with VR field trips, students can explore the world around them.

Classrooms can be adapted for different learning needs including special education, English language learners, and preferred language. 


Curated x Kai’s virtual classrooms to launch November 20th, 2018

On November 20th, CxK will begin beta testing our virtual reality classrooms complete with VR field trips.

Each week, an additional classroom will be added.

Introductory Price: FREE

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Curated x Kai’s Work is Possible,

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Take a 360° Tour of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial 

Did you know King is the first African American to be memorialized on the National Mall?

Take a trip to his memorial in Washington, D.C. while listening to excerpts from his, “I Have A Dream” speech in Spanish & English.

Take a 360° Tour of the Official Obama Portraits at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery 

Curated x Kai's latest virtual reality field trip takes students on a tour at the National Portrait Gallery to view the Official Obama Portraits, painted by Kehinde Wiley & Amy Sherald.

How Does an Educator Become an Ed Tech Entrepreneur?

WATCH how Kai's career as a teacher inspired her to create a virtual reality company dedicated to helping students dream bigger.

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Workshops, keynotes, large group VR trainings, museum consulting, V.R filmings, event hosting & more. 


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