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Who Should Attend a Virtual Reality Training?

  • Educators
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  • Homeschool teachers
  • College professors
  • Administrative staff
  • Counselors
  • Any one interested in tech innovation

Wheather you want to increase student comprehension, expose students to new career paths, or increase critical thinking-- virtual reality training is for you. 

Kai provides customized trainings for your educational needs.

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DATE : Monday, June 17th

Time: 5pm PST | 8PM EST

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Kai Frazier (B.A History, M.Ed Secondary Education) is a historian, digital strategist, content creator and educator passionate about promoting the use of technology to increase inclusion and accessibility.

As a former History teacher, Kai witnessed firsthand how her students consumed information, digitally; not from books and magazines, but by utilizing smartphones, concise video content and social media. She noticed that technology had changed how the world received and shared information, but resources providing to teachers had not - especially in her classroom. To foster change, she began developing and incorporating digital tactics while teaching her students. This would begin the start of her digital classroom, Curated by Kai. 


Register now for your FREE, 30 minute virtual reality webinar

Space is limited

DATE : Monday, July 2nd

Time: 5pm PST | 8PM EST

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