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Have you heard the news?

Schools across the WORLD are lining up to experience our growing selection of virtual reality field trips!

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At Curated x Kai, we are busy producing a wide selection of virtual reality experiences that will take your institution's outreach goals to new heights. 
Our VR field trips are adapted to school curriculums creating an engaging resource allowing thousands of students to learn about your institution, daily.  

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Our innovative outreach ensures diverse audiences are exposed to your institution, even if they can't physically visit. For those who can visit, we simplify the information necessary to plan a trip.

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Let Us Do Your Outreach For You!

Let Curated x Kai come to your institution and film an innovative & engaging virtual reality experience to share with students across the globe.

CxK provides viewers with additional institution resources such as information on visitation, internships, careers, and memberships.

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Space is limited for our 2019 VR field trip filmings

Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of our growing catalog of VR field trips used by thousands of students across the globe.